The Magazine

I'm not sure how I found The Magazine and (somehow, along the road, my free subscription-download became a paid subscription-download) I'm one of the people Instapaper founder Marco Arment chose to experiment on. He was pretty clear cut about The Magazine. It got me curious - after reading his vision for the App. He was launching a clean-cut, simple, navigable "Magazine" that would invite great writers to write what they do the best - be it about technology, life, curiosities - whatever it may be. I'm curious. And I'm geeky enough to be interested in articles on technology. 


But it's not just the articles that I found myself enjoying. It's the whole App interface. Minimalistic, and sleek, it would have made Steve Jobs proud. His design-in-chief, Jony Ive, as well. It radiates Apple's design philosophy and to use it through an Apple device - it feels like a missing puzzle piece found its fit.

The articles aren't bad - to start with. Out of the first four articles, I enjoyed Michael Lopp's Stables and Volatiles, and Alex Payne's Alone Together, Again. Then in the recent issue I found myself enjoying the first (and lone) female contributor to the writers' roster, Gina Trapani's article on making a baby. She's unabashedly honest with a twinge of humor - I like. Hope she writes more articles. 

As for the (unintended) experimentation of active subscribers such as myself, it's working. I quite like the App, and its intention. I'll stay on to see how it pans out. For Marco Arment, our curiosity pays. But, it's a good one.