ARTV Identity

Am working on the styleboard for Motion Graphics class - now pretty much focusing on pieces of the whole concept - working slowly but surely* on Illustrator. Admittedly I don't use Illustrator as often as I use Photoshop so I think I'm a bit out of my comfort zone, thus I'm working slowly.  Decided to browse a bit (and close some browser windows to give my workspace some real space) and came upon this site "ARTV ID" on Behance network. It's really great. Click on image below to hit the site - and see the finished product and the styleboard examples.  Basically each box has its own animated-story and when they all come together, it makes up "ARTV" (a TV site devoted to artists, as it seems, in Montreal). 

* "slowly and surely" is my hat off to Pamela Witcher who says this all the time (we are working together on a project now) - I actually like that phrase. It gives off the feeling of a steady process. And indeed, process is what makes progress.