Concept to animate

I'm working on too many things at once right now which makes me wonder if I failed my own mantra: "one thing at a time, one thing at a time." Apparently so. But I'm not going to waste entries complaining of ideas because I rather like ideas leaking out of my ears. They just go into my hands, then like a robot, I scribble it down on my notebook.

So, I was leafing through my notebook looking for sketches I made on a project I'm working on which I'm calling "No-No Land" and came upon this sketch on iCloud "data storing". I had read a very good article in the New York Times about the concept of storing data in clouds, but where do they really go? Of course, thinking that they are going up into clouds are a nice concept. It's clever marketing, making us feel as if all of our electronic clutter is off somewhere "out of sight", up into the clouds....! But, really, the article clearly points out that the truth is that all of our data goes into "Data Storage Centers" where there are loads and loads of hard drives, and backups to hard drives, and a lot of wirings, to just keep all the electronic bits together. It takes up a LOT of energy, tons of electricity to keep those centers pumped up, and generally people just don't really know about this. But, it's pollution of a kind. Wasting electricity on data that are just sitting there in the cloud... that article certainly make me wonder about the questions we all ask as kids, "where do the clouds come from?" Well, now we should be asking, "Where exactly does our data go off to? It's not as simple as the sun absorbing dew, which makes clouds. This type of sun comes in the form of power surges and wirings which absorbs data into hard drives, which big companies then sugar coat it into clouds for happy people like us. I'm not sure what the solution is but... the first logical step would be to ask questions.

So, I doodled this. Something fun to animate.