No-No Land

Final project for Motion Graphics class at Corcoran. Inspired by ASL Archaeologist, Ted Supalla's tale of recounting how our sign for "No" has evolved over time. In the early 1900s, "No" was signed more precisely with "N" and "O" defined but over time, the beginning and the end got dropped, so instead of two separate signs, we had the shape of N with the function of O, which somehow resembles a duck's beak.

I got the idea to animate the "evolution" of the sign, but instead of an actually evolution, I spun it into a survival tale by adding anamorphic characteristics to my own hand, performing as a live and breathing "No" creature. It's a bit hard writing about this, putting words to pictures.

To animate, I started sketching out plans first, then slowly put together the No-No Land.