Storyboard to Styleboard

The second assignment in my Motion Graphics class was to create a styleboard to the storyboard I already sketched out following the assigned theme of "self-identity" which is a clever introduction to the development of product branding. Do I need an identity?  Literally, nope. Digitally, yes. Sure. Something to impress the common folk with the winning formula of "how did you do it?" 

So, what is a styleboard? (It's not even a word - yet.) It's not rough sketches but a defined picture of how and what things should look like when they are in the final production stage.

For instance, in my rough sketch of a storyboard, I have this concept of stars shooting out of a box. Now, in the styleboard, I'm going to complete it by giving it specifics: color, size, pixels, close-ups-at-which-spot. 

X marks this spot where I'll replace it with bits of the storyboard/styleboard.