The rise of the storyteller, and the App Director

Am browsing publishing houses such as DemiBooks, Katachi Media, and Moglue (to name a few) to do a throughout review of their platforms and licensing offers; and came upon this blog entry by Katachi Media: "The Rise of the Storyteller." 

Of course it nabbed my attention. It redirected to another entry by The Next Web, "The Rise of the App Director," and upon reading it I felt like I hit pay dirt! 

What I do, and what I have been doing is pretty much App Directing! I'm very hands on, but at the same time I work in a team and without them, I wouldn't have a gleaming app to offer. 

I've been (without realizing it) using that very analogy when people ask me what I do. I tell them: "I make apps."

They often ask: "So, you do the coding?" 

I always answer: "Oh, no, I hire a talented programmer for that." 

 Then they say: "So the programmer makes the app?"

It's a perfectly normal response after their question but it always seems to raise doubts as to what I actually do. So upon reading this article. Oh yes. App Director makes complete sense.  

It's like a film. Do you ask Steven Spielberg if he made ET, "Did you edit the movie?" He might say, "No, we hired a talented video editor for that." Do people say, "Oh, so the editor made ET?" 

I'm owning up to my work here. I certainly made The Baobab, with a wonderful team, and I'll continue to develop, create, and direct more apps. Excited, me. Geeking out - definitely.