Doing animation through Motion Capture

Met amazing people at the Sign Language Translation and Avatar Technology 2013 conference in Chicago, hosted by DePaul University. Learned about this video (and collaboration work) from one of the presenters, Remi Brun, from France. His company MocapLab did the 3D work in this video, and when he showed this to me, I was stunned. Because this is so wonderfully GORGEOUS. This is exactly what I want to create. I'll never do it alone. I'll work with the best, but this is exactly it - visual poetry in telling a story. Experience, understanding, and the "handmade" quality of it that is all so familiar - the beauty of human talents. The essence of this visual narrative is like "finding home" - I want to do this. Absolutely. (Video cannot be embedded, so click on this link to view the video on Vimeo.)