A Decontextualization of The Blair Witch Project


Here is a new twist on The Blair Witch Project. Footages used are taken from the official trailer of The Blair Witch Project. The goal here is to de-contextualize a body of work and deliver a new narrative.


The Blair Witch Project was extremely visually disorienting for me as a deaf person, with all the shaky footage, and its constant black or blurred background with just audio to guide the movie. It could be easily said that this movie is made for hearing people, as I discussed this among deaf friends, most of us share the similar experience of having a headache after the movie. And none of us were spooked. Instead we were more annoyed by the snot-streaked girl, and whenever I think of this movie I always associate it with the snot-streaked image.

However, after musing how I could deconstruct and decontextualize a body of work, I came up with this concept.