first glimpse of mise en komix project

This is a scene from a 40-second approx stop motion/animation project I'm working on as a part of course requirements for MFA Visual Narrative. This is based on Klassik Komix # 1 by Steven Millhauser. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 11.48.27 PM.png

To start with, I had thumbnails drawn. The plan, concept, and so on. In my mind it was doable, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do - which was an interpretation of the text.  

The foray into this is to create a "dream within a dream" (or "story within a story"). In a sense, I'm asking who's real, and what is real. 

To start with, I had two main scenes: the city background and inside the window. So I got out two canvases and started to collage lines I cut out from Komix and pasted them on. Then I painted over the lines. I scanned them, then added buildings in photoshop.  

Separately, I filmed Stacey DeLaune, a storyteller I recruited for this project. We did several shoots, perhaps an hour before I got a draft right using an app from my iPhone, the frameographer, which is a stop-motion app. We got her on regular video, then we did the stop motion. For the stop motion to work (it was set at 1 frame per second, or 1fps) Stacey had to sign extremely slow.  

After identifying the clip, I did the rest in photoshop, which got her the awesome effect with her arms.  

 (TO be continued)