Juggling Plug-Ins

After a long (ish) hiatus from working on Digital Publishing Suite through InDesign, I'm now a bit floored by new additions and updates which had me reconfiguring my usual workspace (and thought process). Decided to investigate a bit further.

Basically anyone can publish a native app without using code through Adobe's InDesign by using plug-ins, from either Adobe's own party (Digital Publishing Suite, or 'DPS'), or from an ever so expanding third party app makers:

Aquafadas, Mag+, PressRun, and ScrollMotion. Almost all of those serve "Newsstand" type of apps, mostly magazine publications with a traditional text print and slight interactivity. Admittedly right now I'm trying to figure why magazines opt for "app" form when they can easily steal the show on the internet, as super organized websites. It's the function of the form that bothers me the most - if it's going to be a touchscreen app on a tablet that is smaller than a regular magazine - it needs to adapt and utilize that form. BE advantageous with gesture controls, be flexible, fluid, and captivating. Let users feel like they are embarking on a quest, where the usual constraints of page flipping turns into something more intuitive, a smooth and lazy scrolling in reading. I simply feel there is something missing, the "bigger" picture of going into the Newsstand app. Magazines shouldn't go digital just because, but they should go digital because there's lots more to the content.

So, that's my two cents for today. As for the plug-ins, I'm still sticking it to Adobe DPS. My second choice would be Aquafadas.