My Top Ten Apps, So Far.

So, now it's been over six months since I got iPhone5 and downloaded a billion apps - which ones do I really use the most? As in on a daily basis? As in brushing my teeth, which apps do I swipe through?  (Games, Storybooks, and Utilities are separate.)

Always, and of course, not in a particular order, I deem those apps in my top ten:

1. Flipboard.

I first got it for my iPad but left it to collect pixel dust, before I finally logged and set my favorites up - and it's one of my very favorite app. I flip through everything and it's the best way to read New York Times. (Dual, but mostly on iPhone)

2. Instagram.

No explanations necessary. Find me @mojokitchen. (Always iPhone and it's a tiny rule for myself - all Instagram photos will be iPhone based. A little bit of honesty. #nofilters)

3. The Magazine.

Surprising - this one. Not quite the typical app, this brings every other week, a variety of news that I find myself combing through. I've been subscribing to this since it first launched, out of curiosity, and that very kernel of curiosity has kept me on board. One of the reasons I like this app is the interface. Very easy, sleek, and pleasant to use. This gives a second thought to whether you want to "tap" or "swipe." My vote is on swiping. Tapping is straightforward and speedy but to backtrack, it's very tiresome. Swiping back and forth feels more intuitive. And Marco Arment has a good pulse on current geekery. (It works on both but I never use it on iPad)

4. Apps Gone Free.

It's the damn addictive feed that has me downloading a bit too much apps than I need, but free is free. (Dual)

5. Dropbox.

No explanations necessary. (Do I really count this one or is it an utility thing?) (iPad)

6 & 7. iLapse and Miniatures.

iLapse wins as the best "realistic" timelapse app on my iPhone. I've tried a few photography apps but you don't need anything other than the Camera app to be honest. Miniatures is very fun, quite addictive really, timelapse-ish app. (Both, iPhone)

8. Yelp.

Again, no explanations necessary. (iPhone)

9. Instapaper.

Useful tool for reading stuff offline, especially from Flipboard. Found myself using this a lot when traveling. (iPhone, mostly.) 

10. The Baobab.

Biased, me. I made this one.