Re-linking forgotten websites.

Been digital-cleaning all my files on this computer and came upon an unimaginatively named folder called 'Links' where I lazy (and hurriedly) drag off interesting sites to save. Now I use Feedly to keep up on great sites, as I try not to bookmark too much websites, since some of them I probably won't visit again. Anyhow in the spirit of digitally de-cluttering I'm visiting those sites... re-link, re-visit, re-member.

 Theater-Lost-Species from Future Cities Lab

Theater-Lost-Species from Future Cities Lab

  1. 10 Top Newspaper Myths DeConstructed real good read on myths, even though written in 2007, it has a good pulse on the evolution of newspaper, from print to digital.
  2. Applied Kinetic Arts the website has "moved" and the new URL isn't working, o'well. Still this is interesting stuff. This link takes you to the old wordpress site.
  3. Bookbindings Timeline Outline dabbled into bookbindery research to best understand Pierre Desloges from the 18th century. 
  4. Cartoon Effect After Effects Tutorial enough said. 
  5. Form + Code a fascinating guidebook i bought about using code for art
  6. Future Cities Lab a lab that does imagination, a bit of engineering, and the unknown
  7. Goop, Children Books a list of recommended favorite books from Gwyneth Paltrow, and of course we should expect artsy (maybe expensive) books from her.
  8. Gustav Johansson. The most talented filmmaker/digital artist. My work is immensely influenced by him.
  9. MK Twelve a TACTICAL DESIGN & RESEARCH studio who knows what they are doing - from color, images, editing, to press releases - they get all the details right. Every time. 
  10. DANM - New Media and Digital Arts at UC Santa Cruz, a rather interesting looking program. Their products might be worth following. 
  11. Kinect Projection - Mapping with 2d Physics. Just watch it.
  12. Kinetica Museum a whole museum in London dedicated to the kinetics, technological and electronic art. Mostly do curated shows. 
  13. Archie McPhee the very website for all the odd things you might need but can't find.
  14. Open Frameworks open source C++ toolkit for creative coding
  15. Particle Fever just some documentary film invitation to the largest science experiment ever...
  16. Processing another open source, free coding platform for linking code to art (electronic art, kinetics, etc)
  17. Digital Object Identifier the social security number of your lost clutter from alternate identities
  18. The Submission Guidelines for Every Comic and Manga Publisher in the Universe
  19. Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  20. Wiigee a java-based gesture recognition library for the Wii remote
  21. Extra Room

    We will require an Extra Room in a possible future where mind-reading is commonplace. As our thoughts may become public through more ever more sophisticated neuroimaging technology, self-discipline will take the center stage.

    Shared by the tenants of a large apartment building, an Extra Room is an isolated space dedicated to training and perfecting the technique of controlling one’s thoughts

    Inspired by the way sensory deprivation is commonly used to break the will of individuals, the Room turns this logic upside-down. Instead, it becomes an empowering device in the face of authoritarian control.