Waco, Texas

So, well, I was reading Graydon Carter's editorial in Vanity Fair (the one with Brad Pitt on cover - yum!) , and he mentioned Waco, Texas, how the town had more than its share of sheer bad luck. Some of it wasn't - though - especially when not weather related. But, so as I was reading that editorial, I was also downloading some fonts, and I was somehow doing some fact-checking on Waco, to see whether Mr. Carter was embellishing some of his facts. (But, nope, Mr. Editor wasn't.)

And, I somehow turned this into a typographic expedition. Enjoyable. And so, enjoy "Waco, Texas, an All American town."

Fonts used in this collection:

Rex Bold, Orator Std, RBNo2 Light, Pontus, Airbag, Haymaker, Langdon, Cassannet Regular, Kankin, Outlier, Oil Can, Airplane, MezclaTitan, Abraham Lincoln, Governor, Josefin Sans.