to sign is human

A campaign for sign language acquisition

Hu is a campaign to raise awareness on early sign language acquisition for young deaf children (especially at the ages of 0-5 yrs). "To sign is human" is a call for equal access to sign language, as a human right.

With natural sign language exposure and acquisition, deaf children build the cognitive foundations for language learning that leads into literacy skills. With little exposure or no experience with sign language the consequences are harsh, with a lifelong impact in academia and mental health struggles. Only 3% deaf children, worldwide, receive education in sign language.

Families, when provided resources, will be able to support their child and embark on a journey that welcomes a new community and culture into their lives. Through Hu, through screenprinting and a bit of art, we can make a bit of a difference.

Sign language is beautiful and unique to regions and countries in the world. There are over 300 known and documented sign languages!


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.47.02 PM.png

About the design

"Hu" is an emphasis on how sign language is our element as a visual and tactile community, and with sign language - the access to communication, self-expression, critical thinking - it is what makes us human. Therefore, to sign is human.

The 1817 edition is a nod to the establishment of the first school for the Deaf in America - the American School for the Deaf, in Hartford, Connecticut. This first school for the deaf introduced bilingual education.

Former design: In 2008 we had a series using the infinity (think 8 laying down) symbol in lieu of the year, this represented dyad communication.

Future Hu designs may incorporate other dates and elements, that are significant to our broad and beautiful Deaf (DDBDDHHLD) world.



Featured at

washington dc art exhibition "connect" - july 26th @ howard theatre



Gallaudet Homecoming 2018

Deaf Studies Conference: Transformations!

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